Ski Chalets at Pamporovo
Ski Chalets at Pamporovo
Ski Chalets at Pamporovo

Visit our Hansel and Gretel place.  Not a Gingerbread House but a secluded ski chalet village in the middle of a wood.  In summer combine visiting this fairy tale place with a week on the Greek Aegean - we are within 100km of Kavala or the island of Thassos is a lovely island. The best place to stay is our 119m2 ski chalet with 2 double size bedrooms and 2 shower rooms surrounded by forest and lots of snow.   #Bargain price - Comfortable accommodation for up to 5 persons.. We are featuring Chalet 25. This ski chalet has a traditional open plan living room with dining area, and cosy romantic home warming wood burning fire but has also got central heating. There are 2 sofas, a dining table and seating for 5.. There is cable television and DVD player/family selection of DVDs Playstation/games and wireless I-Net (wireless internet). There is a fully equipped kitchen. In summer there is space for play on the grassy areas. There is a covered patio where you can sit and watch the beautiful sunsets. Both double bedrooms have their own balcony. Up the traditional wooden staircase, there are 2 shower rooms with WCs (1 is en suite). There are fitted wardrobes; each bedroom has its own balcony. There is a covered patio. you can sit and watch the beautiful sun-sets. The ski chalet is ideal for either families or groups. This is an area of outstanding natural beauty.  Larger groups can be accommodated by renting neighbouring chalets as well. #Late Deals from mid January - bargain ski holiday! It is a very popular location with the children who think they have come to Narnia. Have a winter sport holiday or a Multi-Activity holiday in summer. Or relax in our rural retreat with outings to places of scenic or cultural interest. Summer weather is usually reliably sunny and 18-22C.

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Apres Ski
Apres Ski
Pamporovo has apres ski with value prices. Of note are:
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Places to Eat
Places to Eat
The on-site restaurant is under separate management. It offers an a la carte menu. The restaurant is open from 8 am, serving breakfast until 3 pm and then from 6 pm until late every evening.
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Activities Centre in Pamporovo
Activities Centre in Pamporovo
Try a Multi Activity Holiday to the beautiful Rhodopi Mountain area (including Pamporovo Ski Resort) for sunshine and relaxation as well as an extensive array of adrenaline and leisure sports activities.
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Directions to the chalet
Directions to the chalet
It is better to follow the instructions for Forest Glade, since the chalets are on the same complex. No matter what I do, all listing sites put us
in a slightly different position on their map. (They seem to put us in the center of the city, but you still need transport to get to the ski slopes).

After you get to Pamporovo, follow the road 8641 in the direction of Smolyan

* Once you get to Pamporovo (comes from Plovdiv)
When you reach Pamporovo, you will reach a T junction opposite ski center 1. Turn left - you will go up a gentle hill and the bends - in the direction of SMOLYAN. You will pass a string of hotels, mostly on the left - the last is Forest Nook 3. The road begins to go down a little on the hill - watch out for an apartment building on the left and then turn very soon after - with a large blue sign with a white letter Pamporovo Village. YOU CAN SEE A SIGN FOR FOREST GLADE. Turn left here and follow the road past the residential building now on the left, down a bend to the right and then straight for a while - you will pass another building close to the road on the right (but continue on the road) and then drive through a wooded area until you see the lights of Forest Glade complex.

Guests of Glade Apts use the same parking area and it can be occupied. Just go where you can. I don't think there's going to be a problem on the slopes if you get there before 9.30 am
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Things to do in the summer
Things to do in the summer
Mountain Activity holidays in summer.

Mountain Bike Park Pamporovo opened 30 June 2012.
Summer activities - including water skiing nearby at the Vacha or Dospat Dams.
In the summer there is horse riding,mountain biking and walking/hiking. Quad Biking. There is also fishing, canoeing, hunting and bird watching. Places of interest:-rock formations (eg the Miraculous Bridges , near the village of Kosovo; the "elephant" near Devin and "the maiden" resembling a standing woman on the outskirts of Shiroka Luca). The Yagodinska Cave/Yagodina and the Buinovo Gorge. The Trigad Gorge - the most impressive natural sight in Bulgaria where you will also find The Devil's Throat Cave. Chudnite Mostove rock formation in pine forest. Smilian and Arda are spectular mountain valleys and the Uhlovitsa Cave. Rockclimbing; river activities; roman ruins; caves; fortresses; monasteries; churches and chapels - four churches are considered artistic cultural monuments of national historic significance.

In Devin you will find the Vacha Dam/reservoir where you could water ski or alternatively Dospat Dam hosts a number of water sports in which you could partake.. Don't forget the water canyons in Smolyan: this is a breath taking walk with magnificent views, you could try abseiling down one of the water canyons.

Activities Centre at Pamporovo Village
Try a Multi Activity Holiday to the beautiful Rhodopi Mountain area (including Pamporovo Ski Resort) for sunshine and relaxation as well as an extensive array of adrenaline and leisure sports activities. Our Activities Centre provides adventurous activities to suit all levels, and will appeal to friends and family, as well as couples and solos. We can also provide excursions for you to admire the magnificent scenery and for the cuture vultures to ancient Plovdiv (Roman) and the Thracian fortress of Perperikon. In other words, a holiday to suit all ages and to suit the passive to the adrenaline junkies.
Pamporovo/Forest Nook is situated in an area of Lakes and Mountains and is an area of outstanding natural beauty.
Take a look

If you want excitement , there is caving, bungie jumping and a whole host of activities including Whitewater Rafting which is especially exciting in May and June.
Quad bikes and bicycles are available to rent through us and in Pamporovo and Smolyan.

The Canyon of Waterfalls in Smolyan is a breath taking walk with magnificent views, you could try abseiling down one of the water canyons. We organize visits for you to try the adventure or hike or view the sights.

For a little fun try paintballing at Smolyan Lakes or a day's fishing. You can go angling around Pamporovo, on fishing trips in Chepelare's surroundings. In the river which cuts through the town. It is possible to fish for trout, but you have to go a little further away if you will find the best fishing opportunities.

You may be able to horse ride to Greece from Arda.

Group holidays can be accommodated. Our neighbours' chalet is available for rent.

There is a possibility of horse riding holidays/pony trekking trips; which would use the chalets as a base. Just a ten minute drive away (a car can be arranged to take you there and bring you back). There is a riding school which caters for both novice and advanced riders. You can ride into the surrounding forest for anhour or trek into the beautiful scenery of the Rhodopes for up to 3 days. Ask for the riding guide Stefan.

The World Car Rally came to the Balkans for the first time in July 2010. There is plenty of exciting driving in the
mountain areas.

Although it is primarily a winter resort Pamporovo is also pleasant to visit off season, the picturesque surrounding mountains with peaks of up to 2000 metres (6550 ft) make for ideal hiking and mountain biking in the summer. Sunshine is generally reliable at 20-23C.
"NEWS FLASH!!! Pamporovo Mountain Bike Park opened 30n June 2012.
Looking for a cheaper alternative to the Alps?? Ever thought of Bulgaria?? Why would we suggest this??
One area, price of food and drink, but it goes beyond this. Accommodation, uplift, travel, in fact everything. Trails that are deserted, unmolested and raw, fantastic weather, friendly local riders, a number of other activities, paragliding, wakeboarding, atv's, horseriding etc etc all at a fraction of what you would pay in the Alps.

For a culture lovers holiday

The Rhodopes is home of the mythical singer Orpheus and the clan of guards of the sanctuary of Dionysus.
Archaeological excavations date back to the 7th century BC. There are remains of Thracian fortresses which guarded an ancient Thracian road from Abdera, on the Aegean coast, to Istros on the Danube. The churches and chapels date back to the Bulgarian Revival period (1762-1878) when cultural and educational life flourished in the region. 15 chapels are considered of regional historic significance. The Bachkovo Monastery is a must see.

Perperikon, Bulgaria's Delphi: the Ancient City of Excessive Pleasures!
Perperikon (changed through the years from the Greek name Hyperperakion) is the most significant archaeological find on Bulgarian territory for the last 20 years. Scientists believe that it was precisely Perperikon that was the temple of Dionysus described by Herodotus, which used to rival Delphi in Antiquity.

For Nature Lovers, twitchers etc.
The Rhodopes are a haven for bird watchers, and contain over 200 species - many of which are rare. You may see Golden Eagle, or dippers and kingfishers by streams. The highland lakes are really beautiful blue. There are lush meadows home to an abundance of wild flowers - many are not found anywhere else on Earth. According to legend the flower Silivriak with its pink petals (spring) bloomed out of the blood of Orpheus after he was dismembered. Silivriak (heberlea rhodopaensis) is the symbol of the Rhodopes. The region is famous for mushrooms and herbs. The Rhodopes are one of the few mountain ranges in Euirope where Brown Bear and wolves still live. There are guided walks on the wildlfe,birds and the rare plants and flowers and lovely walks and excursions into the Rhodopi mountains. The ski lifts run in summer.

Pamporovo is the southern most ski resort in Europe and the sunniest mountain resort in Bulgaria. Summer temperatures range from May 10C -20C with similar temperatures at the start of October.This is the time for hunting wild boar - excursions can be arranged. The autumn leaves are spectacular (New England Fall but in Europe).July and August can reach an average high of 24c and low rainfall July through September (about 30mm during each of these months, August being driest).

Car Hire during summer is recommended to take advantage of exploring the beautiful mountain area. A small family car would be adequate around £170 per week. The drive from the airport (Sofia) to Forest Nook takes about 3 hours and the scenery is lovely.

For Nature. Summer rural retreat with breathtaking scenery
Witness the rural splendor. Visit the "emerald eyes" of the Rhodope mountain area - the Smolyan Lakes. The deepest and most beautiful of the seven lakes is Muddy Lake (not muddy!). Devin Spa is famous and you could treat yourself! The Yagodina Cave is the longest cave in Bulgaria and is several storeys high in parts. You can take a tour which highlights the remarkable stalactites and stalagmites, which in places resemble curtains. Neolithic settlers lived in the caves in the 6th millennium BC. There is a spectacular underground waterfall 42m fall in the Devil''s Throat cave - so called because objects allowed to flow in do not flow out. The Trigradska River flows through the fantastic Devil's Throat Cave . Stretching 7,000 meters the water forms eighteen waterfalls and exits onto a canyon. It leads to the Trigad Gorge, a breathtaking natural phenomenon. Its incomparable karst formation is the most impressive natural sight in Bulgaria.

For Events - really close

Rozhen Fair is a major Bulgarian folklore fair held every four years on the meadows of the Rozhen area in Smolyan municipality, Smolyan Province, in the Rhodope Mountains of southern Bulgaria. The fair's goal is to popularize the Bulgarian folk dance and song art and it lasts for two days in July or August. (20 minute drive from our chalets following route 864 straight up through the centre of Pamporovo and route 86 to Rozhen).

Beginning of August
International Bagpipe Contest 2015 in Gela, Bulgaria
WHERE: Gela village (about 45 minutes drive from our chalets foloowing route 864 (sharp left) from the centre of Pamporovo 866 via Shiroka Luca to Gela)
4710 Gela
COST: Free

Two centre holidays

Relax on the beach after an activity holiday in the mountains.
For those wanting to see more of Bulgaria, why not consider a two centre summer holiday with a week at Ski Chalets at Pamporovo Village and a week on the Black Sea coast. Most car rental firms will allow a pick up and drop off at different airports.
We are not far from the Greek Aegean coast.There is a new road through the mountains (via Zlatograd) to
Xanthi which will reduce the journey time to just 90 minutes. You can reach Chalkidiki in 3 hours. You could rent a place there for a few days. If you try they will arrange for you to pick up a car in Thessaloniki, although you will have to drop off the car/finish your holiday in Bulgaria. Most of all we recommend
www.psl-bg for both car hire and cross border airport transfers.

Tip for 2 centre holidays
There are a number of villas and apartments to rent on the Black Sea coast, but for those wanting a 2 centre holiday with the Aegean coast , we would suggest you look at teletext holidays and for both flights and holidays. Kavala is about a 4 hour drive from Pamporovo Village and you may get a last minute holiday in the Greek island of Thasos cheaper than a return flight from Kavala. (The flights go into Kavala). We recommend car hire from www.psl-bg for cross border.

An alternative site for cheap flights is Skyscanner or from Russia.
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